67 Grove Terrace
Rustburg, VA 24588

Invoice Number 1244
Invoice Date February 4, 2020
Due Date February 18, 2020
Total Due $500.00
Thompson Brooks Insurance

106-B Annjo Court
Forest, VA 24551
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1 Barracuda Firewall / Wireless Network Setup

* Facilitated ordering of new Barracuda F80 Firewall
* Picked up and set up Firewall / Installed at Office and Tested
* Configured secure WiFi network for Office / Removed Old Router

1 Set up Brandon Loving PC / Email Accounts

* Drove on-site to Reset Lori's password to gain access to PC
* Configured Brandon's Profile on PC and set up email account

1 Printer Re-Configuration / Troubleshooting

* Assigned printers static IP
* Reinstalled printers on each PC
* Made recommendations for network tweaks to see if it resolves final issues

1 John Thompson Laptop - Malware Cleanup

* Scan for and remove all malware that was causing issues with using internet / checking email

1 Rebecca Pelletier PC Cleanup

* Scanned, cleaned, and updated Rebecca's PC to try to resolve file upload issues
* Seems to be a server-side error, not anything to do with the PC
* Hardware updates can be made to improve performance, but do not believe it will resolve issues with attaching files

Sub Total $500.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $500.00